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Bending and Flexural Fixtures

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Chatillon: Fixture- GF-54 3 Point Bend/Flexural Jig
Chatillon GF-54 3 Point Bend/Flexural Jig

Mark-10 G1071 Score Bending Fixture Set
The Mark-10 G1071 is a set of two fixtures used to produce a 90° bend in plastics or in fiber board materials. This fixture set can be used with either mark-10 test stands or mark-10 force gauges to create a complete bend testing system depending on the needs of the user.

Mark-10 G1072 Opening Force Fixture Set
The Mark-10 G1072 is used to determine how much force is needed to open a flat folded carton along its score lines. It is ideal for many industries like food & beverage, medical device, and consumer products