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CDI Torque MULTITORQ Torque and Data Collection System
CDI Torque MULTITORQ Torque and Data Collection System

         The MULTITORQ portable electronic torque meter displays torque readings from sensors that attach between sockets and driver. MULTITORQ is a highly versatile torque analyzer/data acquisition system that can be used with sockets, extensions, universal joints, ratcheting drivers or any combination of these. Sensors are sold separately, available in 8 ranges from 2-20 in. ozs. to 150-1500 ft. lb. Accuracy 1% of reading ( 2% reading for 20 in. oz., and 10 in. lb.) 10-100% of sensor range.
The torque analyzer features a wide angle viewing LCD display with selectable readouts; ft. lb., in. lb., in. oz., Nm, dNm, mkg, and cmkg units.
Torque target settings are entered via a push button membrane keyboard. High and low torque limits are adjustable to give an audible and visual alarm. The user selects Track mode to display torque values as they are applied, or Peak mode to display the highest torque value applied.

  • 4 digit w/ Alpha & Numerical function flags
  • 4 digit, 8000 counts display capacity
  • Accuracy: 1% of indicated value, CW & CCW, from 10% to 100% of full scale,
  • 201-O-MT and 101-I-MT are 2%
  • Soft Touch Keys: Hi/Lo Alarm, Zero Tare, Set-up, Units, Store/Recall/Clear, Send, Statistics, Enter
  • Units of Measurement: ft. lb., in. lb., in. oz., Nm, dNm, mkg and cmkg
  • Storage: -20 to 50 degrees C (-2 to 122 degrees F)
  • Humidity: up to 90%, Non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 3" wide, 2.5" high (3" with belt clip), 6" deep
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Charge Life (Full Charge to Shutoff): 20 Hours Continuous
  • Battery Chargers: 120 VAC or 220 VAC (50-60Hz)
  • Output: 9VDC, 200mA
  • Data Storage/Recall: 3500 Measurements
  • Serial Output Port: RS-232 (true), 300-19.2K Baud, and Mitutoyo (Statistical Protocol)
  • Rechargeable Ni-Cad Batteries
  • Reads Bi-directionally (CW and CCW)

Standard Set Includes:

Part No. Description
MULTITORQ Unit includes: power pack/charger
(P115-30) and case (1600-50)

Sensors (sold separately):

Part No. Torque Range Drive
201-0-MT 2 - 20 in. oz. 1/4
101-I-MT 1 - 10 in. lb. 1/4
501-I-MT 5 - 50 in. lb. 1/4
2001-I-MT 20 - 200 in. lb. 1/4
1002-F-MT 10 - 100 ft. lb. 3/8
2503-F-MT 25 - 250 ft. lb. 1/2
6004-F-MT 60 -600 ft. lb. 3/4
15005-F-MT 150 - 1500 ft. lb. 1

Certificate of Accuracy traceable to N.I.S.T. supplied with each Transducer.
All components ordered separately.

Optional Accessories:

Part No. Description
Interface Cable: RS-232 to serial printer
1600-20 Interface Cable: RS-232 to P.C.
1600-30 Head Phones: Dual headset with 1/8 stereo plug

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