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CDI Torque Products

CDI was founded in 1968 and over the years has developed into a world class torque products manufacturing company. The company earned its ISO 9001 International Quality System Certification in 1998, demonstrating a commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality torque measurement and torque limiting devices in the world. CDI joined the Snap-onŽ family of companies in 1995.

CDI is the primary supplier of torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers to the GSA (General Service Administration of the U.S. Government) since 1968. All CDI products are individually serialized and meet or exceed appropriate ASME and ISO standards.

CDI’s mechanical torque product lines include click type torque wrenches, dial indicating torque wrenches, torque limiting screwdrivers and a number of special application torque products. CDI has long been a major innovator and leader in electronic torque measurement and torque calibration equipment. We manufacture more electronic torque wrenches than any other company and are a recognized leader in electronic torque testing and calibration equipment.

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CDI Torque MULTITEST Premier Calibration System
Our most comprehensive calibration system for torque and force

CDI Torque MULTITORQ Torque and Data Collection System
The MULTITORQ portable electronic torque meter displays torque readings from sensors that attach between sockets and driver. MULTITORQ is a highly versatile torque analyzer/data acquisition system that can be used with sockets, extensions, universal joints, ratcheting drivers or any combination of these.

Adjustable models offer versatility for applications that require more than one torque value. These torque screwdrivers are particularly suited for the electronics industry and for instrument assembly work. A simple, cam-over design prevents over-tightening and possible damage to components.

The tamper resistant design of the Pre-Set series is particularly suited for high-volume use in assembly operations. A simple, cam-over design prevents over-tightening and possible damage to components.

CDI Torque SURETEST "Basic" Calibration System
This is CDI's "build your own" system, by itself is capable of calibrating torque tools from 4 in. lbs. up to 600 ft. lbs. The set includes our 4 in 1 Transducer, adapter, 600 ft. lb. transducer, loader and monitor.

CDI Torque SURETEST "Premier" Calibration System
CDI Torque's most comprehensive system for torque calibration

CDI Torque TORKY Pre-Set Wrench
CDI's TORKY is a right angle pre-set torque wrench. Torky is designed for production torque applications that require higher values than a torque screwdriver can deliver. The comfortable design eases the strain of repeated uses. The torque value may be pre-set at the factory or it may be set by the operator utilizing a torque tester. When the proper torque value is reached, a momentary release or "break" can be felt.

Available in three drive styles to fit most needs.

CDI Pre-Set torque wrenches are designed for use on production lines and other applications where a specific torque is required for repetitive operations. The design, fabrication and materials used have been developed in coordination with major manufacturers in actual production use.

CDI Torque: Electronic Wrench- COMPUTORQ3
The COMPUTORQ3 Electronic Torque Wrench is a simple to use digital readout wrench that displays real time torque values in any of four torque units, ft.lbs., in.lbs., Nm, kg.cm. Simply set the desired torque value and apply force until the green LED illuminates. Great for light industrial, automotive, motorcycle, watercraft and aircraft applications.