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CDI Torque SURETEST "Basic" Calibration System
CDI Torque SURETEST "Basic" Callibration System

CDI's "Build Your Own" Torque Calibration System - Part Number 5000-3

Listed here are all of the components to CDIís "Basic" SURETEST Calibration System. This is CDI's "build your own" system, by itself is capable of calibrating torque tools from 4 in. lbs. up to 600 ft. lbs. The set includes our 4 in 1 Transducer, adapter, 600 ft. lb. transducer, loader and monitor.

* Not for use with impact and pulse tools.

Part Number 5000-3 consists of the following:
Part No. Description
5000-ST SURETEST Monitor
600TL Mechanical Loader 600 ft. lb. capacity
2000-400-02 4 in 1 Transducer Kit, 4 in. lbs. to 250 ft. lbs.
2000-500-02 4 In 1 Transducer Adapter Kit
2000-12-02 Transducer, Range 60 - 600 ft. lbs.

*Note: Additional components may be ordered separately.
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