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Chatillon: Tester- CS1100 Series Digital Force Tester

Chatillon CS1100 Series

Digital Force Tester

                 The Chatillon CS1100 Series Digital Force Tester is an innovative system that optimizes the production of testing applications such as medical devices, packaging, textiles as well as rubber and plastics. This tester doesnt require a personal computer or any proprietary software to be able to know how to run the equipment.

                 The CS100 is easy-to-use with straight-forward and intuitive techniques for performing tensile testing, compression testing and flexural testing. It also allows for more advanced multi-stage testing to be performed that are conformed to ISO or ASTM testing procedures.


There are several options that can be performed using the CS1100:

  • Limit testing to load, displacement or time
  • Break Testing - sharp or percentage
  • Multi-Stage, cyclic tests and height measurements
  • Peel testing

System Specifications:

Test Setups:
  • Limit testing (load, distance, time)
  • Break testing or rupture       
  • Cyclic & loop testing
  • Multi-stage/User-defined testing
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Peel
Displacement Measurement:
  • Displacement measurement meets or exceeds the following: ASTM E83, BS 3846, ISO 9513, EN 10002-4
  • The system can apply displacement compensation as a standard function

Load Measurement System:

  • CLC Series load sensor
  • Auto-recognition, "plug & test"
  • Sensor overload history log
  • On-Site field calibration using traceable master load cells in combination with dead weight

Data output

  • One Ethernet, one USB available
  • Save data directly to external drive, server or to USB flash drive
  • Save data locally in console memory (10 GB)
  • Interface to USB serial devices; barcode scanner/reader, printers, keyboards and hubs
  • Export data to CSV file
  • RS232 (input) for external ASCII command

Technical Specifications for CS1100

Force Capacity
1124 lbf (5000 N)
Maximum crosshead travel
(between the eye ends)
31.5 in (800 mm)
Throat depth
5.9 in (150 mm)
Crosshead speed range at full load
0.001-40 in/min (0.01-1016 mm/min)
Maximum return speed
40 in/min (1016 mm/min)
Speed accuracy - unloaded
(2% to 100% of maximum speed)
1% of selected speed
Displayed displacement resolution
0.001 in (0.01mm)
Load cell force accuracy (non-dedicated)
0.25% full scale of load cell capacity
Load cell force accuracy (dedicated)
0.10% full scale of load cell capacity
Useable data sampling rate
1000 Hz
Relative humidity (non-condensing)
Operating temperature
5-35C (41-95F)
Storage temperature
-17-54C (1-129F)
Supply Voltage (10%)
115VAC/230VAC, 50-60Hz
Power Rating
115VAC @ 6.3A or 230VAC @ 6.3A
Weight of machine
145 lb (66 kg)

CLC Load cells and resolutions:

(See spec sheet for ozf, gf, and N)

0.5 x 0.0001
0.25 x 0001
2 x 0.0002
1 x 0.0001
4.5 x 0.0005
2 x 0.0002
10 x 0.001
5 x 0.0005
20 x 0.002
10 x 0.001
800 x 0.1
25 x 0.002
100 x 0.01
50 x 0.005
200 x 0.02
100 x 0.01
500 x 0.05
250 x 0.02
1000 x 0.1
500 x 0.05
*The CLC load cell is calibrated to 0.25% of FS from the factory. A dedicated load cell can be supplied that is calibrated to 0.1% FS. If ordering indicate that option with a DED at the end of the part number (Ex: CLC-0500-DED)

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