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Chatillon: Grip- GF-5 Figure 8 Fixture for Wire and Cord
Chatillon GF-5
Figure 8 Fixture for Wire and Cord

         The GF-5 consists of an upper and lower grip , each having three non-locking pins designed for securing samples in a "Figure 8" orientation. The GF-5 design ensures fast sample setup and testing. Throat clearance with pins installed and clearance between pins is 9.5 mm. Throat width is 12 mm. A ball socket mounting screw on the top grip helps ensure correct axial loading during the test.

Used for tensile testing of insulated wire, cable and cord. The specimen is pulled to break and the relationship is recorded between force and extension. The test also determines other mechanical properties including:

  • Elongation
  • Maximum Load
  • Percentage Elongation
  • Stress
  • Extension
  • Tensile Strength
  • Percentage Yield Point Extension
  • Yield Stress

Sample Size
550 lbf (2500N)
9.5mm (0.4 in) Diameter
1/4"-20 Male Upper,
3/8"-16 Female Bottom*
Includes upper and lower
*with gauge and tester coupling hardware included

Spec Sheet

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