Chatillon® is a registered trademark of AMETEK, Inc. Chatillon force measurement instruments and weighing scales have been a hallmark in the industry since 1835. They’ve earned their reputation for quality, reliability and accuracy and they represent the standard for force measurement and precision weighing.

Chatillon products are used in a variety of applications and industries for tensile testing, compression testing, flexural testing, peel testing and virtually any testing where accurate, quantitative results are required.

Chatillon brand products include:

* Force Gauges
* Torque Gauges
* Medical Dynamometers
* Force Test Stands
* Material Testers
* Load Sensors; Torque Sensors
* Application Software
* Weighing Scales

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Chatillon: Grip- GF-4 Miniature Filament Fixture
Chatillon GF-4 Miniature Filament Fixture

Chatillon: Grip- GF-5 Figure 8 Fixture for Wire and Cord
Chatillon GF-5 Figure 8 Fixture for Wire and Cord

Chatillon: Grip- GF-6 Cam Operated Grips
Chatillon GF-6 Cam Operated Grips

Chatillon: Grip- GF-7 Cam Operated Grip
Chatillon GF-7 Cam Operated Grip

Chatillon: Grip- GF-9 Universal Tensile Wedge Grip
Chatillon GF-9 Universal Tensile Wedge Grip

Chatillon: Grip- ML1700 Miniature Wedge Action Tensile Grip
Chatillon ML1700 Miniature Wedge Action Tensile Grip

Chatillon: Hanging Scale- 1300 Series Hanging Autopsy and Life Science Scale, 13-inch Double Dial
These high accuracy scales are trusted for their absolute precision and long-lasting reliability. Widely used by hospitals, laboratories, universities and heath service organizations, they represent the "standard" for clinical applications.

Chatillon: Kit- FCEK Functional Capacity Evaluation Kit
Chatillon Functional Capacity Evaluation Kit (FCEK)

Chatillon: Manual Test Stand- MT150
Chatillon MT150 Manual Test Stand

Chatillon: Manual Test Stand- MT500
Chatillon MT500 Manual Test Stand