Chatillon® is a registered trademark of AMETEK, Inc. Chatillon force measurement instruments and weighing scales have been a hallmark in the industry since 1835. They’ve earned their reputation for quality, reliability and accuracy and they represent the standard for force measurement and precision weighing.

Chatillon products are used in a variety of applications and industries for tensile testing, compression testing, flexural testing, peel testing and virtually any testing where accurate, quantitative results are required.

Chatillon brand products include:

* Force Gauges
* Torque Gauges
* Medical Dynamometers
* Force Test Stands
* Material Testers
* Load Sensors; Torque Sensors
* Application Software
* Weighing Scales

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Chatillon: Scale- Century Hanging Scale, 7-inch Dial
The CHATILLON® Century Series hanging scales are designed for long-lasting reliability at an affordable price. Century scales feature a steel inner frame and tough, corrosion-resistant band, bezel and housing. Glass-covered 7-inch dials come in single (reads clockwise) or double dial (one reads clockwise, the other counterclockwise) models. H44 Class III "Legal For Trade" models are sealed for local jurisdiction for point of sale use. Available in metric and avoirdupois models. Full capacity in 2 pointer revolutions.

Chatillon: Scale- CMA Series Digital Crane Scale
The CHATILLON® CMA Series digital scale is a precision weighing solution for high capacity weighing. The CMA Series is ideal for warehouse applications. The CMA Series is available in six capacities from 1320 lbs to 22,000 lbs (600 to 10,000 kg). All CMA Series have a measurement accuracy of better than 0.2% full scale. The scale features an easy-to-read, LED display that indicates measured values in either pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg). A cast-aluminum housing makes the CMA ideal for harsh environments. The CMA Series is powered using rechargeable battery pack. The scale can display the peak weight. You may add accessories and tare out their weight up to 100% of the scale’s rated capacity. Operation is simple using the integral push-button style keys or using the optional wireless remote controller. The remote controller lets you change units, clear measurements, zero and tare out weight at a distance of up to 100 feet (30 m).

Chatillon: Scale- DWT Series- OBSOLETE
The Chatillon DWT Series digital crane scale -OBSOLETE
See CMA Series Digital Crane Scales

Chatillon: Scale- HB Portable Beam Scale
These quality portable beam scales are designed specifically for industrial applications, warehouses and terminals. Ideal for heavy use applications. The HB-1000 is available with H44 Class III "Legal for Trade" for point of sale use subject to on-site verification by local Weights and Measures jurisdications. HB Series scales are constructed of heavy duty cast iron with corrosion resistant loops, bearings and nose irons. Wheels make the scale easy to move and relocate to accomodate alternative work sites. Beams are graduated on the front and rear with weight indicated at the center of the poise.

Chatillon: Scale- IN Series Fish and Game Scale
When you demand nothing but the best! Chatillon fish & game scales are the professional's choice due to their hand-crafted workmanship.

Chatillon: Scale- Iron Clad Series Heavy Duty Hanging Scale
These rugged scales are engineered for severe applications. Ideal for construction sites or shipboard applications, our Iron Clad scales feature an extra heavy duty steel and cast iron construction.

Chatillon: Scale- LP Series Push-Pull Scale
Chatillon® utility push-pull gauges are designed for economy applications. Gauges feature a lightweight, polystyrene construction. The high contrast face is non-glare with easy-to-read graduations and markings.

Chatillon: Scale- MD Series Hanging Milk Scale, 9-inch Dial
Dairy farmers and processors have relied on Chatillon MD Series milk scales for years. The MD Series scale features a large, 8-inch dial with twin pointers. One pointer may be locked to indicate the net tare weight. The other pointer is used to indicate the gross weight. Available in 60 lb capacity, full capacity is reached in three pointer revolutions. Includes chrome-plated hook and loop. Graduations are in decimals.

Chatillon: Scale- PBB Portable Bench Beam Scale
When you demand nothing but the best! Chatillon fish & game scales are the professional's choice due to their hand-crafted workmanship.

Chatillon: Scale- PDT Platform Scale, 13-inch Dial
These quality crafted platform scales feature a 13-inch dial with knife-edge pointer. Ideal for industrial weighing or commercial applications, these precision scales feature a rugged welded steel construction with adjustable leveling feet and spirit level indicator.