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Chatillon: Fixture- GF-51 Drill Chuck Tension Fixture
Chatillon GF-51 Drill Chuck Tension Fixture

Lloyd Instruments GF-52 Drill Chuck Grip 6mm
This stainless steel Jacobs chuck grip holds samples securely during tension of compression testing. Maximum sample diameter is 6 mm (0.23 in).

Lloyd Instruments TG167 Collet Grip for Hollow Tubes and Bars
This grip features circular sliding, wedge-action and initial capstan tightening. Collet size should be specified to match the sample diameter. Collets are available in different diameters from 12 to 45 mm (0.47 to 1.77 in). Ideal for tube and bar stock.

Mark-10 G1010 Jacobs Chuck Pin Vise Grip
This grip is suitable for holding round samples such as wire or tubing up to 0.375" dia. It can mount to any force gauge or test stand. Includes key.

Mark-10 G1022-1, G1022-2,G1022-3 Jacobs Chuck Grips for TSTM
These grips are designed for gripping samples during torque testing, for use with TST, TSTH, TSTM, and TSTMH Torque Measurement Test Stands. Available in three chuck capacities. Includes key.