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Data Collection and Analysis Software

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Dillon Wedgelink/Collect Data Collection Software
Dillon Wedgelink/Collect Data Collection Software

Lloyd Instruments Nexygen Plus Machine Control/Data Analysis Software
NEXYGENPlus Material Test and Data Analysis Software

Mark-10 MESURgauge Data Analysis and Collection Software
MESURgauge is a measuring and analysis program designed to expand the functionality of force and torque measuring instruments. MESURgauge captures readings from any force or torque gauge with RS-232 output and displays data in tabular and graphical formats. Load data can be graphed versus time or distance, particularly useful for such applications as spring testing and tensile testing.

TALtech Winwedge Professional Edition Software
WinWedge Pro is essentially a highly advanced set of applications that all work together to get data from practically any type of data source (RS232, RS485, TCP/IP or Disk File Data) directly into any application program running on a stand alone PC or across any TCP/IP network - including Ethernet or the Internet

TALtech Winwedge Standard Edition Software
The Standard Edition is the perfect tool for interfacing simple devices like balances, scales, bar code scanners, pH meters, measuring instruments, calipers, gauges, GPS receivers, etc. directly to other Windows programs running on the same workstation as WinWedge.