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Digital Force Gauges

Digital force gauges

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Mark-10 Series 2 Economical Digital Force Gauge
The Mark-10 Series 2 Digital Force Gauges are ideal for testing basic compression and tension force applications. The gauge can handle up to 100 lbF (500N). The backlit graphic LCD display allows for easy viewing of current peak tension or current peak compression readings. An ergonomic, reversible aluminum housing allows the gauge to be hand held or it can be mounted to a fixture.

(Directly compatible with Mark-10 Test Stands and Grips.)

Mark-10 Series 7 Digital Force Gauge
The Mark-10 Series 7 Digital Force Gauge is the professional version of all the Series Force Gauges. This gauge is designed to handle demanding tension and compression measurement applications up to 500lbF (2500N) capacity. The Series 7 is like the Series 5 with some added features. Series 7 force gauges are directly compatible with Mark-10 test stands including the Mark-10 ESM301/ESM301L.