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Digital Indicators

Digital indicators are instrumentation used with remote loadcells. Different indicators provide different options, at different prices. If you need help selecting an indicator, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-866-3672!

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Chatillon: Force/Torque Gauge- DFS-R-ND-OBSOLETE
Chatillon DFS-R-ND Digital Force/Torque Gauge - OBSOLETE
Replaced by the DFSII-R-ND Series

Chatillon: Force/Torque Gauge- DFS2-R-ND
The Chatillonģ DFS II-R-ND Series with non-dedicated remote SLC carries all of the features of the DFS II in a package that provides the user with more flexibility. This instrument allows the user to change SLC load cells adding the flexibility of having one base indicator and several load cells to meet different testing needs.

Interface 9320 Hand Held Battery Powered Indicator
The 9320 is a bipolar 7-digit hand held meter featuring two independently scalable ranges, peak and valley monitoring, display hold, mV/V calibration and a power save feature. Typical battery life exceeds 40 hours of continuous use. IEEE1451.4 TEDS Plug & Play compliant.

Interface 9390 Battery Powered Weight Indicator
6-digit Unipolar display in a rugged NEMA 4X Stainless Steel washdown enclosure. Powers up to 4 load cells for portable and remote weighing applications. Standby mode for extended batter life. Includes Six C-sized batteries.

Interface 9820 General Purpose Indicator
Bipolar, 5-digit display featuring 2000Hz high-bandwidth, +/-10V analog output, front-panel shunt calibration and tare, peak and valley monitoring. Sensor connection is via a removable screw-terminal connector.

Interface 9834 High Level Input Digital Indicator
For use with amplified load cells and rotary torque sensors. Features 120 readings per second, programmable +/-10V or 4-20mA analog output, peak and valley monitoring, RS232. Packaged in an aluminum 1/8 DIN, panel mountable enclosure with a plug-in AC power cord. Sensor connection via 9-pin connector.

Interface 9840 Intelligent Indicator
The 9840 is suitable for use in calibration labs, field service, or anywhere high accuracy is important. Features include a bipolar 6-digit 2-line display, remote sense, low noise, 22-bit resolution, USB port with RS232 communication, mV/V calibration and the ability to store up to 25 different sensors. 6-point linearization, unit conversion, front-panel tare. Self calibration via TEDS Plug & Play ready IEEE1451.4 compliance.

Interface 9850 Multi-Channel Indicator
The model 9850's modular design allows the use of 7 different types of channel cards in 2 available channels. Available channels include AC mV/V for use with Rotary Transformer type torque sensors, DC mV/V, +/-5V or +/-10V, 4-20mA, Frequency (speed), Encoder and LVDT position sensors. A 3rd math channel allows display of calculate values such as horsepower, unit conversion, peak or valley, etc. The dual +/-10V analog outputs are assignable to any of the three channels. 2000 Hz sample rate allows true peak monitoring. Included software for graphical data display and logging.

Mark-10 BGI Series Force/Torque Indicator-OBSOLETE
The BGI Force / Torque Gauge is a unique product designed for working in conjunction with a variety of interchangeable remote force and torque sensors. The sensors do not require calibration or setup - the BGI automatically recognizes any sensor.

Mark-10 Model 3i Force/Torque Digital Indicator
The Model 3i Digital Indicators are designed to work with a wide range of Mark-10 remote force and torque sensors. It had exclusive technology called Plug & Test which allows for all calibration and configuration data to be save onto the sensorís smart connector rather than on the indicator. A large, easy to ready LCD screen displays large characters so itís easy to read and the menu on the indicator allow for access to a gaugeís features and configurable parameters.

* The Model 3i indicator and all related sensors replace the Model BGI force/torque indicator and associated sensors. *