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Lloyd Instruments Nexygen Plus Machine Control/Data Analysis Software
Nexygen Plus Machine Control/Data Analysis Software

An Overview of the NEXYGEN Plus Software:

Test Creation

  • Large built in library of test methods covering ASTM, DIN, EN, ISO and other standards
  • Application areas include plastics, metals, rubber, building materials, component testing, products testing, textiles, paper, wood, medical devices and many more
  • For specialist testing the following test creation wizards are included as standard, tension/compression test, tear and peel test, cycling test, flexural test, friction test and the user configurable test for multi-stage testing
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Data Collection

NEXYGENPlus is configured to allow rapid and accurate data collection with many built in functions to ensure error free testing.

  • Supports direct reading of Mitutoyo digital micrometers and callipers for sample measurement
  • Supervisors can programme part numbers into the system to avoid data entry errors by operators
  • Customisable user instructions can include digital pictures of fixtures and sample setup
  • Video capture system allows playback of synchronised video and graph. Ideal for post test analysis of product or component testing
  • Still capture system allows still images of the sample to be captured throughout the test and used in post test analysis
  • Clear pass/fail indications given to the operator
  • Graphs display relevant points selected by the user.

Data Analysis

  • Graphs can be overlaid in multiple colours with a legend shown directly on the graph.
  • Data can be automatically transferred to specified Microsoft® Excel® worksheets without operator intervention
  • Data can be automatically appended in Excel
  • Graph data points can also be automatically exported Automatic execution of Excel macros allows complex reporting and tedious analysis work to become automatic

  • Built in export utilities assist with direct connection to LIMS systems
  • NEXYGENPlus utilises the power and flexibility of Microsoft Word for reporting
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  • Built in SPC functionality allows continuous process monitoring


Queries are a new feature allowing data from multiple batches to be quickly analysed. Typical applications would be,

  • Sorting test data eg by maximum force or part ID
  • Filtering test data by part ID or to view all tests with a result above or below a certain value
  • Combining archived batches to allow analysis of all data
  • Reporting on multiple batches, eg. merging batches for a particular product. Separate batches may be made for tensile test, friction test and peeling test of a plastic film. Queries allows data from all 3 to be temporarily combined to allow a report to be made detailing the films properties.
  • Automating Excel exporting for example only exporting values above or below a certain value. Or exporting results to separate worksheets for each unique part ID

Security and Audit Trails

The NEXYGENPlus security and audit trail module allows the supervisor to configure their system to enable compliance with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Restricting user access rights increases security and avoids costly errors.

Benefits include:

  • Ensures data integrity
  • Electronic signatures available through unique user name and password
  • Audit trails give the supervisor an overview of the system operation
  • Audit trail records changes to test setups as well as any attempts to perform an unauthorised task
  • Configurable user access rights
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NEXYGENPlus supports National Instruments data acquisition cards. This allows NEXYGENPlus to communicate with external equipment. Typical applications include,

  • Control sample loading equipment
  • Monitoring external signals such as temperature during the test. External signals can be plotted against force and measurements taken and recorded within Nexygen Plus
  • Using multiple strain gauges to measure elongation of a sample
  • Switch testing. Software can use voltage limits to control a test e.g. change direction once switch contact is made
  • Control and monitoring of thermal chambers and furnaces.
  • Integration into production lines for sharing of part number data and informing a production line if a bad part is found

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