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Mark-10: Motorized Force Tester- ESM301 / ESM301L DISCONTINUED
Mark-10 ESM301/ESM301L
Motorized Force Tester

DISCONTINUED- Replaced with ESM303

           The ESM301 is a highly configurable motorized test stand for tension and compression testing applications up to 300 lb (1.5 kN). The stand can be controlled from the front panel or via a computer and is fully compatible with NexygenTM TCD software. The ESM301 is engineered on a unique modular platform, allowing for "build-your-own" configurability. Features can be ordered individually at time of order or activated in the field. Integrated travel indication, overload protection, and a host of programmable parameters makes the ESM301 quite sophisticated, while its intuitive menu structure allows for quick, simple setup and operation. A password can be programmed to prevent unauthorized changes. With a rugged and modular design, the ESM301 is a compelling solution for applications in laboratory and production environments.



  • Selectable speed units of measurement (in/min & mm/min)
  • LCD display with UP, DOWN, STOP, and emergency stop buttons and soft keys
  • Password protection of test parameters, to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Integrated travel limit switches
  • Removable fixture mounting plate with matrix of threaded holes
  • Stepper motor-driven, produces 0% speed variation with load
  • Mounting holes for bench mounting
  • Unique mechanical design significantly reduces column bending


            Any of the below option packages may be purchased at time of order or may be enabled in the field at a later date though a simple activation process. A complete options package is also available, including all of the below features at a discounted price.

>>Computer Control
A bi-directional RS-232 port is provided to interface with a PC. Users can write their own custom program utilizing a library of ASCII commands (see manual for details) or control the stand via a PC using NexygenTM TCD software.
~ The following are required with PC control:
       - Series 5 force gauge
       - 09-1056 serial cable
       - 09-1162 multi-function cable
       - ESM301-001/ ESM301L-001  integrated travel indication
       - EF011 programmable travel set points

>> Travel Indication
Travel is indicated on the front panel, and an RS-232 port is supplied. Position indication is provided via an internal linear scale, producing significantly higher accuracy than with conventional rotary encoder-based designs. Backlash and non-linearity are virtually eliminated.

>>Programmable Travel Limits
The ESM301 can stop at or cycle between programmable upper and lower travel distances. Requires ESM301-001 / ESM301L-001 travel indication option.

>>Overload Protection
Protects a force gauge against overload (requires a Series 5 or Series 4 force gauge and 09-1162 multi-function cable). The user programs the desired percentage of full scale of the gauge. Adjustable analog output voltage setting allows the ESM301 to interface with virtually any force gauge with analog output.

The crosshead moves to a limit switch, force set points (requires a Series 5 or Series 4 force gauge and 09-1162 multi-function cable), travel position (requires EF011 programmable travel limits), or break (requires EF019 break detection option and 09-1162 cable) and then stops & reverses direction at full speed to the other limit switch, force, or travel position.

>>Cycling / Dwell Time
Same as Auto-return, but with the ability to program the number of cycles up to 99,999 cycles. Dwell time allows the operator to program the length of time, up to 9,999.9 seconds, in 0.1 second intervals, for which the crosshead pauses between cycles. Independent up and down speeds may be programmed (requires EF016). *

>>Programmable Button Functions
Expands UP and DOWN button operation to three user-configurable modes:
1. Maintained (standard): short push produces continuous motion until STOP is pressed
2. Momentary: crosshead moves only while the button is pressed
3. Auto: short push produces maintained motion, while holding the button down will produce momentary motion

>> Independent Up and Down Speeds
Configurable speeds for up and down directions

>> Low Speed Extended Range
Extends the speed range to 0.02 - 13 in/min (0.5 - 330 mm/min)

>> High Speed Extended Range
Extends the speed range to 0.5 - 45 in/min (13 - 1100 mm/min)

>>Break Detection      (New Feature)
When there is a sudden drop in force the crosshead will stop. The user can program the percentage of peak force. Requires Series 5 force gauge V1.7+, 09-1162 multi-function cable and test stand firmware V2.0+.

>>Load Holding      (New Feature)
Dynamically adjusts the crosshead position t maintain a programmed load for an indefinite or specified period of time. Requires Series 5 force gauge V1.7+, 09-1162 multi-function cable and test stand firmware V2.0+. If a specific period of time is necessary then an EF014 cycling option is required.

>>Preload / Sample Touch      (New Feature)
Stops the crosshead and/or zeroes the travel display at an initial preload which is useful in testing different applications such as tension, compression, spring or elongation. Prelaod is programmable as a percentage of force gauge full scale. Requires ESM301-001 / ESM301L-001 travel indication option, Series 5 force gauge V1.7+, 09-1162 multi-function cable and test stand firmware V2.0+.
~ This feature had 3 modes:
       1. Stop
       2. Stop and Zero
       3. Zero without stopping

Includes all the option features listed above.

Weight 30.00 lbs
Please call for a quote: (800) 866-3672

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