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Mark-10 G1070 Self-Centering Vice Grip
Mark-10 G1070 Self-Centering Vise Grip

             The Mark-10 G1070 is a general purpose self-centering vise grip that can be used for a wide range of tension and compression testing applications. The rugged design of the grip allows for it to handle up to 500 lbF. The removable jaws can be modified to improve sample gripping which is required for pull testing applications. The G10710 can be used with either mark-10 test stands or mark-10 force gauges to create a complete opening force testing system, depending on the needs of the user.

Features / Specifications:
  • Maximum tension force: 500 lbF (2500 N)
  • Removable jaws
  • Celf-centering design
  • Ergonomic lever
  • Mounts directly to the following test stands:ESM, ESM301, ES30, TSC1000, TSF, TSFM500, ES10/ES20
  • Weight: 5.85 lb [2.65 kg]

SKU M10-G1070
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