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Mark-10 Series TT03 Digital Torque Gauges
Mark-10 Series TT03 Digital Torque Gauges

            The Mark-10 TT03 is a digital torque gauge used to test torque applications clockwise and counte-clockwise and is designed to be used in almost every industry. It can handle capacities from 10 ozFin to 100 ozFin (7 Ncm – 1,150 Ncm). The gauge is made of a rugged aluminum that allows for it to be used as a hand-held gauge or it can be mounted to a test stand.  The LCD screen displays large characters that are easy to read and a menu (just below the screen) allows the user to access the features contained in the gauge. The TT03 can be used with MESUR Lite software to keep tack of data during testing. In one click all the data can be transferred to Excel with the use of a USB output (located on the side of the gauge). Also the gauge can be used with an AC or a rechargeable battery. When used with the battery a indicator on the screen with show when the battery is low and if there isn’t enough power left in the battery the gauge with automatically shut off.

Features / Specifications:
  • Ergonomic torque sensor with Jacobs chuck
  • Peak torque values saved and displayed
  • High-speed 2,000 Hz sampling rate
  • USB data output
  • Programmable set points with pass/fail indicators
  • Live load bar graphs with set point markers
  • Peak memory for clockwise and counter clockwise readings
  • Set points always displayed
  • Configurable audio alarms and key tones
  • MESUR Lite data collection software included
  • Battery or AC operation
  • Safe overload: 150% of capacity
  • CE mark
  • Accuracy:  ±0.3% of full scale ±1 digit

Model Capacity x Resolution
ozFin lbFin kgFmm Ncm
MTT03-10Z 10 x 0.01 -
7 x 0.005 7 x 0.005
MTT03-20Z 20 x 0.02 -
14 x 0.01 14 x 0.01
MTT03-50Z 50 x 0.05 -
36 x 0.05 36 x 0.05
MTT03-12 -
12 x 0.01 140 x 0.1 135 x 0.1
MTT03-50 -
50 x 0.05 580 x 0.5 570 x 0.5
MTT03-100 -
100 x 0.1 1150 x 1 1150 x 1

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