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Mark-10 TSFM Motorized Test Stand, 500LBf Capacity
(500 lbf Capacity)

                The TSTM Motorized Force Measurement Test Stand is a versatile and precise testing solution for most compression and tensile testing applications up to 500 lb. It can accept a wide variety of sample shapes and sizes and can be configured in many positions due to modular design. Speed is adjustable in up and down directions and a remote control unit provides added safety during testing. Other features include a manual fine adjustment knob and a stepper motor that prevents speed variation with load, making testing precise and repeatable. Use this test stand with any Mark-10 force gauge and grips to create a complete testing solution.

Motorized Tension / Compression Test Stand:

* Maximum force: 500 lb [2.5kN]
* Maximum travel: 4" [101.6 mm]
* Speed range: 0.2-5.5 in/min [5-140 mm/min]
* Speed accuracy: 5% of setting, 0% variation with load
* Remote control console with a 3' [1 M] cable
* Universal power supply: 80-250 VAC
* Manual travel knob
* Mounting holes for bench mounting
* Loading table with 25 #10-32 threaded holes for fixture mounting
* Base may be removed for alternative mounting
* CE mark


* A wide range of force gauges and gripping fixtures

* Digital travel display - 6" [150 mm] travel, 0.0005" [0.01 mm] resolution, 0.001" [0.03 mm] accuracy,  SPC output for automated data collection

* Limit switch kit - Set of upper and lower adjustable solid state limit switches. Repeatable to within 0.001" [0.03 mm].

* Overload protection module - Protects the force gauge against accidental overloads during motorized tests. Adjustable from 20 - 110% of gauge's capacity. Compatible with all Mark-10 force gauges with outputs.

* Set point cable
- Stops test stand travel at programmable high and low set points for tension and compression forces, programmed on a compatible force gauge. *  Column extensions

*Available in 6", 12", 24", and custom lengths

* Custom speed ranges - Speeds can be modified to as slow as 0.02 in/min [0.5 mm/min] or as fast as 45 in/min [1143 mm/min]. Note that in some cases, the maximum force will be affected. Contact Mark-10 for complete details.

* Competitor force gauge mounting kits available

Weight 36.00 lbs
Please call for a quote: (800) 866-3672

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