>> Excellence Since 1979
Mark-10 Corporation is a manufacturer of force and torque measuring instruments. Since our founding in 1979, our products have proven themselves in numerous applications at companies in the automotive, medical device, textile, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging, food, and many other industries.

>> Focus On Engineering
Mark-10 products are, above all else, designed to be practical, simple to use, durable, and of great value. Product designs utilize the latest developments in electronics, materials, and sensor technology and are calibrated in our laboratory to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards.

>> A Tradition of Innovation
Our first force gauge, the groundbreaking BG, was revolutionary for its time - a full-featured gauge in a compact package at an affordable price. The BG was soon followed by the innovative and pace-setting BGI, a universal indicator designed for working with interchangeable remote force and torque sensors. Recently, Mark-10 has focused on developing what has become the industry's broadest and most flexible range of test stands. The force of innovation continues today, as new and exciting additions to our product line are planned.

>> Moving On Up!
In May of 2004, we moved into a new home that quadrupled the size of our facilities. All engineering, manufacturing, support, and corporate functions are performed under one roof, enabling us to offer superior customer service and application support. Of particular benefit to customers is our state-of-the-art CNC machining facility, enabling us to quickly customize some of our stands and fixtures for unique applications.

We are located in Long Island, NY, approximately 40 miles east of New York City and 25 miles east of John F Kennedy International Airport.

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Mark-10 BG Series Force Gauge-OBSOLETE
The Series BG Digital Force Gauge is an advanced force measurement solution, with sophisticated measurement capabilities, data outputs, computer control capabilities, and a long list of features and configurable settings.

Mark-10 BGI Series Force/Torque Indicator-OBSOLETE
The BGI Force / Torque Gauge is a unique product designed for working in conjunction with a variety of interchangeable remote force and torque sensors. The sensors do not require calibration or setup - the BGI automatically recognizes any sensor.

Mark-10 CG Series High Capacity Force Gauge-OBSOLETE
The Series CG High Capacity Digital Force Gauge is ideal for heavy duty spring testing, destructive testing, and other force measurement applications requiring up to 1,000 lb of tensile or compressive force.

Mark-10 EG Series Force Gauge-OBSOLETE
The Series EG is an ideal solution for compression and tension applications requiring accuracy and flexibility in the entire 0.12 lb to 500 lb range.

Mark-10 ESM-DC Motorized Test Stand-DISCONTINUED
The ESM-DC Advanced Motorized Force Measurement Test Stand offers all the mechanical specifications of the ESM motorized test stand, including 200 lb (1 kN) force capacity, modular design, stepper motor design that prevents speed variation with load, and more.

Mark-10 G1001 Wire Terminal Grip
These grips are designed for securing wire terminals, cables, connectors, and other samples for pull testing. Three wire diameter capacities are available: 0.125", 0.25", and 0.375".

Mark-10 G1002 Dual Roller Grip
This cam grip secures the ends of wire, cable, and tubing samples for pull testing. Engaging and disengaging samples is quick and easy, with a side slot for sample insertion and serrated steel rollers.

Mark-10 G1003 Miniature Component Grip
This slender grip is ideal for testing small and hard-to-reach parts, such as electronic mechanical components.