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Torque Wrenches, Pre-set

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Tohnichi SP-N Notched Head Preset Torque Wrench
* Notch Creates Speed in the Tightening Process
* Ideal for Brake Lines

Tohnichi SP-H Torque Wrench for Piping Work
* Made with smaller outside width to work in narrow spaces, including
hydraulic piping, where current open-end type is unable to access.
* Aligned with appropriate inner widths commonly used for hydraulic
piping applications.
* A clear "click" sound by internal toggle mechanism signals tightening

Tohnichi SP Open End Preset Torque Wrench
* Various Sizes of Open End Torque Wrenches
* Ideal for Specific Bolt Size Applications
* Requires Adjusting Tool & Tester to Set Torque Value

Tohnichi QSP Preset Torque Wrench
* Preset with Ratcheting Head Style
* No External Scale, Torque Value is Set Using Key & Tester
* Ideal for Mass Production Applications
* Torque Setting is Secured and not Easily Changed

Tohnichi CSP Interchangeable Head Preset Torque Wrench
* Interchangeable Head Version of QSP
* No External Scale, Torque Value Set Using Key & Tester

Tohnichi BQSP Bi-directional Preset Torque Wrench
Click type torque wrench effective for both left and right threaded bolts.

Tohnichi BCSP Interchangeable Head Preset Type Torque Wrench
Click type torque wrench effective for both left and right threaded bolts.

Sturtevant-Richmont Programmable Torque Verifier (PTV) & Switch Torque Wrenches
Whether used to attain line integration of manual torque wrenches, as a
backup for multi-spindle nut runners, or as a stand-alone means of
improving QA on multi-fastener assemblies, the PTV offers a solid, simple,
and reliable means of assuring the proper torque on each and every

Sturtevant Richmont Preset Interchangeable Head LTC Series Torque Wrench
The LTC Series Torque Wrench is great for use on the assembly line as well as in field
maintenance kits. It has a smooth vinyl grip and is light weight and these combined allow for good ergonomics. The wrench is also extremely versatile so there is fewer wrenches having to be used. The LTC can connect to over 100 standard interchangeable heads plus extensions, adapters,
and your own custom heads.

Sturtevant Richmont Fixed Square Drive LTCS Series Preset Torque Wrench
The LTCS Series Preset Torque Wrench is specifically designed for use on production lines where many fasteners need to be tightened to the same torque. This wrench can be calibrated using any unit of torque measure.The light weight and smooth vinyl handle allows for good ergonomics and reducing operator fatigue.