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Sturtevant-Richmont Programmable Torque Verifier (PTV) & Switch Torque Wrenches
Sturtevant Richmont Programable Torque Verifier (PTV) & Switch Torque Wrenches

         Whether used to attain line integration of manual torque wrenches, as a
backup for multi-spindle nut runners, or as a stand-alone means of improving QA on multi-fastener assemblies, the PTV offers a solid, simple, and reliable means of assuring the proper torque on each and every fastener. This permits 100% assurance that the torque application operation was performed properly for each fastener on 100% of the assemblies! In addition, the PTV and Switch Wrench are superior training tools for new employees, providing instant feedback on their proper or improper use of the wrench. Enforcing proper use of the Switch Wrench assures properly torqued fasteners from the first assembly to the last!


The PTV uses S/R preset torque Switch Wrenches to assure accurate
torque for every fastener.
Immediately informs operator via lights and a buzzer of proper or
improper wrench use.
Counts and displays every correct click of the Switch Wrench and
compares the count to the number of fasteners on the assembly.
Notifies the operator and the line control PLC when the assembly is
Ideal for QA systems geared towards attribute data for control.
Front panel programming efficiently updates all functions.
Can accept up to 99 fasteners per assembly.
Modular approach permits direct switch wrench integration into existing
PLC or proprietary systems.
Cables and convertor boxes required for some systems (COSS, PFCS,
Device Net and others)

Part No.
Model Description
PTV, 120 VAC
Programmable Torque Wrench Verifier, Hardwire, 120V
FM Switch Wrench, 150 in-lbs, 17Nm cap, dovetail
FM Switch Wrench, 300 in-lbs, 34Nm cap, dovetail
SLTC-FM 750I FM Switch Wrench, 750 in-lbs, 85Nm cap, dovetail
SLTC-FM 1800I FM Switch Wrench, 1800 in-lbs, 204Nm cap, dovetail
SLTC-FM 3600I FM Switch Wrench, 3600 in-lbs, 408Nm cap, dovetail
SLTC-FM 4800I FM Switch Wrench, 4800 in-lbs, 542Nm cap, dovetail

SKU SR-PTV-Switch Wrenches
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