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Sturtevant Richmont

S/R - For Over 60 Years the Premier Name In Torque

Ownership and Management Sturtevant Richmont is a Division of Ryeson Corporation, which is privately held. Three of the owners are also the leaders of the management team. The stability of our management team assures our customers of an unwavering focus on their needs.

Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Franklin Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Only minutes from O'Hare Field, we are able to provide our customers, worldwide, the products and support they need - when they need them.

Commitment to Quality

We make the most Accurate, Reliable and Durable torque products available. Products are routinely tested for cycle life at maximum load to ensure both reliability and durability Included with every S/R wrench and tester is a tabulated certification of accuracy traceable to national standards.

S/R is registered to the ISO 9000:2000 Standard. We have also attained ISO 17025 Accreditation through A2LA for our calibration laboratory. Click on the links for each in the pulldown menu for full information and to see the certificates!

S/R contributes heavily to industry standards, education, and advancement through membership and active participation in a variety of industry organizations:

* Hand Tool Institute ( HTI )
* Industrial Supply Association ( ISA )
* Society of Automotive Engineers ( SAE )

Sturtevant Richmont

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Sturtevant Richmont Torque Inserts Correctly Torque Screwdriver Kit
The TIC Kit comes with a torque limiting screwdriver marked with
the correct torque for each size of Torx screw used in toolholders,
Torx bits for each of the screw sizes (T6, T7, T8, T9, T10), all
contained in a custom molded plastic case. To use the TIC Kit,
simply adjust the screwdriver to the size Torx screw to be tightened,
insert the Torx bit from the kit, and tighten the screw. When the
correct torque is reached, the clutch will index and no greater
torque will be applied to the screw, even if the operator keeps
turning the screwdriver.

Sturtevant Richmont Torque Mulitpliers
The Flat Beam torque wrench provides accurate torque measurement, which is then multiplied by the gears in the multiplier for torque achieved. This combination is extremely portable, thus
well-suited to job site use. Two styles are available, high- and low-ratio, offering the versatility of either design approach.

Sturtevant Richmont TT-Series Transducer
The TT-Series is a newly designed transducer that offers increased flexibility as well as legendary quality. This transducer is a flange style which is great for those who maybe expanding their line or working with an S/R Mechanical Loader 250.

Sturtevant Richmont VeriTorq Digital Torque Tester
The VeriTorq is a 1% I.V. digital torque wrench tester suitable for calibrating all clicker and camover-type torque wrenches as well as torque screwdrivers. It can also test beam, dial, and
digital torque wrenches. This tester is simple to use and affordable that it can even be put at the assembly line for use at the start of each shift.

Sturtevant-Richmont Programmable Torque Verifier (PTV) & Switch Torque Wrenches
Whether used to attain line integration of manual torque wrenches, as a
backup for multi-spindle nut runners, or as a stand-alone means of
improving QA on multi-fastener assemblies, the PTV offers a solid, simple,
and reliable means of assuring the proper torque on each and every