Tohnichi sales and service distributors currently operate over forty countries, supplying customers with products and after-sales services (including calibration and repairs) around the world. Services requiring specific technical skills are provided by our headquarters in Tokyo for the Asia, Oceania and Africa region, by Tohnichi America for the U.S. and Canadian region, and by Tohnichi Europe for the European region.

Tohnichi torque products, as a world’s top brand, are now used regularly over 50 countries or region in the world. Tohnichi production facilities are certified under the ISO 9001, ISO14001, and other national standards, which indicates a top global player in the torque product field.

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Tohnichi MT70N Moto Tork Torque Wrench
Prelock Adjustable Specialty Torque Wrench
Converts Basic Hand Tools into Torque Wrenches
Ideal for Motorcycle Maintenance

Tohnichi MTD Micro Dial Indicating Torque Scredriver
Low Torque Ranges for Small Screws
Requires Special Bit Sizes

Tohnichi NTD Preset Torque Screwdriver
Non-Rotary Preset Style
No External Scale, Torque Value Set Using Tester and Key

Tohnichi PCL Interchangeable Prelock Adjustable Torque Wrench
* Interchangeable Head Prelock Style
* External Scale but Requires Hex Key to Set
* Different Head Types Can be Easily Exchanged.

Tohnichi PHL-PHLE Pipe Head Torque Wrench
Adjustable Pipe Head Torque Wrench
Ideal for Use with Pipes, Plumbing, and Construction Applications.

Tohnichi PQL Adjustable Prelock Torque Wrench
External Scale
Requires Hex Key to Change Setting

Tohnichi QF/QFR Flat Beam Torque Wrench
Ratcheting Square Drive Head Flat Beam Style
Ideal for Working in Narrow Space

Tohnichi QL-MH Adjustable Torque Wrench with Metal Handle
Knurled metal handle version of QL.
Ideal for Oily Working Conditions

Tohnichi QL/QLE Adjustable Torque Wrench
* Basic Adjustable "Click" Type Torque Wrench
* Torque Value Easily Set with External Scale and Knob
* Resin Grip

Tohnichi QLLS/CLLS/PQLLS/PCLLS/TiQLLS Adjustable Torque Wrenches with Limit Switch
Various Torque Wrench Styles with Limit Switch Output
Limit Switch Counts the Number of "Clicks" when Connected to PLC
or Tohnichi's CNA-4mk2 Count Checker
Ideal for Torque Verification Assembly Processes