Tohnichi sales and service distributors currently operate over forty countries, supplying customers with products and after-sales services (including calibration and repairs) around the world. Services requiring specific technical skills are provided by our headquarters in Tokyo for the Asia, Oceania and Africa region, by Tohnichi America for the U.S. and Canadian region, and by Tohnichi Europe for the European region.

Tohnichi torque products, as a world’s top brand, are now used regularly over 50 countries or region in the world. Tohnichi production facilities are certified under the ISO 9001, ISO14001, and other national standards, which indicates a top global player in the torque product field.

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Tohnichi QSP Preset Torque Wrench
* Preset with Ratcheting Head Style
* No External Scale, Torque Value is Set Using Key & Tester
* Ideal for Mass Production Applications
* Torque Setting is Secured and not Easily Changed

Tohnichi RNTD Rotary Slip Preset Torque Screwdriver
Preset Version of RTD
No External Scale, Torque Value Set Using Tester
Screwdriver reaches torque setting then "clicks" and ratchets without applying more torque.

Tohnichi RTD Adjustable Torque Screwdriver
Used for any tightening operation such as mass production assembly and maintenance.

Tohnichi SF/F Flat Beam Torque Wrench
Direct Reading Torque Wrench with Scale Plate and Pointer
For Measuring and Tightening Applications

Tohnichi SP Open End Preset Torque Wrench
* Various Sizes of Open End Torque Wrenches
* Ideal for Specific Bolt Size Applications
* Requires Adjusting Tool & Tester to Set Torque Value

Tohnichi SP-H Torque Wrench for Piping Work
* Made with smaller outside width to work in narrow spaces, including
hydraulic piping, where current open-end type is unable to access.
* Aligned with appropriate inner widths commonly used for hydraulic
piping applications.
* A clear "click" sound by internal toggle mechanism signals tightening

Tohnichi SP-N Notched Head Preset Torque Wrench
* Notch Creates Speed in the Tightening Process
* Ideal for Brake Lines

Tohnichi T-S T-handle Dial Indicating Torque Wrench
Dual Handle Style for Increased Stability
Includes Memory Pointer for Easy Reading of Peak Torque

Tohnichi TiQL Titanium Torque Wrench
* Ulta Light Weight Titanium Style
* 50% Lighter than Standard Wrenches
* Ideal for Working Overhead; Reduces Worker Fatigue.

Tohnichi WQL Analog Torque and Angle Wrench
Buit-In Protractor with Flexible Arm for Angle Detection
Specialized Version of QL