Tohnichi sales and service distributors currently operate over forty countries, supplying customers with products and after-sales services (including calibration and repairs) around the world. Services requiring specific technical skills are provided by our headquarters in Tokyo for the Asia, Oceania and Africa region, by Tohnichi America for the U.S. and Canadian region, and by Tohnichi Europe for the European region.

Tohnichi torque products, as a world’s top brand, are now used regularly over 50 countries or region in the world. Tohnichi production facilities are certified under the ISO 9001, ISO14001, and other national standards, which indicates a top global player in the torque product field.

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Tohnichi CPT ProTork Digital Torque Wrench for Tightening
Torque Tightening with Digital Precision

Designed primarily for tightening applications as a digital alternative to click torque wrenches and is also suitable for inspection purposes (re-tightening inspection and loosening tests) in Peak mode. The indicator display enables the user to see the setting torque and the actual torque being applied at the same time.

Tohnichi CL/CLE Interchangeable Head Adjustable Torque Wrench
* Interchangeable head type for multi-purpose use.
* Head Types can be Easily Exchanged
* Torque Value Set with External Scale and Knob

Tohnichi CL-MH Interchangeable Head Adjustable Torque Wrench
* Knurled metal handle version of CL.
* Ideal for Oily Working Conditions

Tohnichi CEM3-P Programmable Digital Torque Wrench
Data Tork (Program Version) for Tightening & Inspection

Tohnichi CEM3-BT/CEM3-BT2 Digital Torque Wrench with Bluetooth
* Specialized Version of Model CEM3, Digital Torque Wrench, which uses
Bluetooth Technology to transmit data
* Requires Bluetooth USB dongle connection to PC
* Automatically saves torque data without the limitations of cables

Tohnichi CDB-S Interchangeable Head Dial Indicating Torque Wrench
Memory Pointer for Easy Torque Reading
Ideal for Torque Measuring and Quality Inspections.

Tohnichi BTGE-G Digital Torque Gauge Series
Digital Torque Meter, Digital Torque Watch

Tohnichi BQSP Bi-directional Preset Torque Wrench
Click type torque wrench effective for both left and right threaded bolts.

Tohnichi BCSP Interchangeable Head Preset Type Torque Wrench
Click type torque wrench effective for both left and right threaded bolts.

Tohnichi ATG/BTG Handheld Torque Gauge
The ATG/BTG is used for measurement of micro torque and calibration of torque tools.