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Torque Screwdrivers, Dial (torque watches)

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Tohnichi ATG/BTG Handheld Torque Gauge
The ATG/BTG is used for measurement of micro torque and calibration of torque tools.

Tohnichi FTD Dial Indicating Torque Screwdriver
The FTD is ideal for Measuring Torque. The original version features a "Preload" knob that helps reduce wrist fatigue.
(See FTD2-S for Version which features a Memory Pointer as standard)

Tohnichi FTD2-S Dial Torque Screwdriver
Tohnichi FTD2-S Dial Torque Screwdriver

Tohnichi MTD Micro Dial Indicating Torque Scredriver
Low Torque Ranges for Small Screws
Requires Special Bit Sizes