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Mark-10 G1023 Bottle Grip
This unique grip is designed for securing bottles, containers, and other items for closure torque testing. Eight rubber edged gripping arms effectively grip a wide range of sample shapes and sizes and can be individually positioned at angles of up to 180°.

Mark-10 G1053 Universal V-Jaw Cap Grip
This grip effectively secures round objects during torque testing. The G1053 is designed with a hex tail to fit into the chucks of our torque sensors. Reversible serrated jaws accommodate samples with diameters of 0.65 - 1.80 in [16.5 - 45.7 mm] while a knob quickly engages and disengages samples.

Mark-10 G1058 Universal Cap Grip
This unique grip is designed to effectively secure samples for torque and pull tests. Typical applications include bottle cap torque testing, lid pull-off testing, and other tests. A matrix of threaded holes allows the serrated steel posts to be placed in positions specific to the test sample, with a broad diameter range of 0.2 - 3.5 in (5.1 - 89.0 mm).