Chatillon® is a registered trademark of AMETEK, Inc. Chatillon force measurement instruments and weighing scales have been a hallmark in the industry since 1835. They’ve earned their reputation for quality, reliability and accuracy and they represent the standard for force measurement and precision weighing.

Chatillon products are used in a variety of applications and industries for tensile testing, compression testing, flexural testing, peel testing and virtually any testing where accurate, quantitative results are required.

Chatillon brand products include:

* Force Gauges
* Torque Gauges
* Medical Dynamometers
* Force Test Stands
* Material Testers
* Load Sensors; Torque Sensors
* Application Software
* Weighing Scales

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Chatillon WT-12 Series Crane Scale & Dynamometer
The Chatillon WT12 crane scale delivers outstanding performance in your industrial application. This mechanical dynamometer features a 12-inch dial with high visibility markings. Their sturdy C-beam design, cast aluminum housing and shatter-resistant dial make them ideal for harsh environments. Scales feature a maximum reading pointer captures peak weights and may be reset manually prior to next use. Maximum reading pointer tension is adjustable. Needle bearings in the shackles prevent distortion even under heavy loads up to 20,000 lbs. Available in pounds and kilograms. Comes with metal carrying case. Options include eye hook, swivel hook or swivel shackle.

Chatillon: Digital Force Gauge- DFE II Series
The Chatillon® DFE II Series marks a new era in digital force
measure­ment. This compact, easy-to-use force gauge is designed for economy applications without compromising functionality. Ideal for hand held or test stand applications. The DFE II Series is available with capacities from 2 lbf (10 N) to 500 lbf (2500 N).

Chatillon: Fixture- 3" Circlular Compression Platen (17012)
Chatillon 2" Circlular Compression Platen, 562LB capacity

Chatillon: Fixture- GF-10 Wire Terminal Testing Fixture
Chatillon GF-10 Wire Terminal Testing Fixture

Chatillon: Fixture- GF-3 Grooved Snubber for Wire
Chatillon GF-3 Grooved Snubber for Wire

Chatillon: Fixture- GF-51 Drill Chuck Tension Fixture
Chatillon GF-51 Drill Chuck Tension Fixture

Chatillon: Fixture- GF-54 3 Point Bend/Flexural Jig
Chatillon GF-54 3 Point Bend/Flexural Jig

Chatillon: Fixture- GF-8 Circular Adhesion Plates
Chatillon GF-8 Circular Adhesion Plates

Chatillon: Fixture- ML-1785 Terminal Testing Turret
Chatillon ML-1785 Terminal Testing Turret

Chatillon: Fixture- ML1821 Smooth Faced Cam Operated Grips
Chatillon ML1821 Smooth Faced Cam Operated Grips